Advantageous Factors in Favor of Medical Assistants

There is rapid expansion taking place in the health care industry, more particularly in United States, because the doctors find nurses shortage affecting their work. Thus there is increase in the need of Medical assistants to fill the gap existing.

Medical assistants are easily availability due to provision of no compulsory training required for them. It can be learned by them on the job through experienced workers in the organization.

Even in spite of this provision, still many employers prefer a trained and certified medical assistant, because they can legally look after some of the activities independently.

Patients’ Medical History:

Medical assistant is the first person the patient encounters for recording Benzo Withdrawal medical history before he or she can be examined by the doctor. Following is the information recorded in the medical history:

1. Name of the Patient.

2. Age and Gender.

3. Marital Status.

4. Symptoms Present.

5. Vital signs recording like: pulse rate, blood pressure measurement, temperature reading etc.

6. Duration of illness.

7. Treatment taken prior to visiting the doctor.

8. Improvement/deterioration status etc.

Benefits of Advanced Training:

Persons having advanced training and certification are in a position to take blood samples for laboratory analysis, Radiological examinations like operating X-Ray machine or Ultrasound machine.

They act as clerical help as well as carrying out technical jobs, for which they need to possess the education, training and certification.

Few medical assistants possess associate degree, which is a two years degree course, whereas others have the diploma after getting education at the accredited vocational schools or Community Colleges accredited with any of the two accrediting agencies i.e. Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

After completion of the education through the accredited schools, certification can be obtained, after passing the examination of any of the certifying agency like: American Association of Medical assistants, American Technologists and National Health Career Association.

Every state has its own laws governing the degree education specified for medical assistants, by virtue of which he or she is permitted to perform certain advanced tasks like drawing blood sample. Additional training and certification is required, who undertake higher responsibilities.


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