Get the “callmekuchu” Discussion Guide for Insightful Screenings

Are you looking to host a screening of the powerful documentary “callmekuchu” in your community or organization? Do you want to facilitate meaningful discussions and engage your audience in important conversations about LGBT rights and activism? Look no further! The “” Discussion Guide is here to help you plan and execute a successful screening event that will leave a lasting impact on your viewers.

What is “callmekuchu”?

“callmekuchu” is a groundbreaking documentary that follows the story of David Kato, Uganda’s first openly gay man, and his courageous fight for LGBT rights in a country where homosexuality is illegal. The film sheds light on the challenges faced by the LGBT community in Uganda and the inspiring individuals who are working tirelessly to combat discrimination and promote equality.

Why use the Discussion Guide?

Hosting a screening of “callmekuchu” is a powerful way to raise awareness about LGBT rights issues and spark important conversations within your community. The Discussion Guide provides valuable insights and thought-provoking questions that will help guide your audience through the film and facilitate meaningful discussions after the screening.

How to use the Discussion Guide

The “callmekuchu” Discussion Guide is easy to use and customizable to suit your screening event. Whether you are hosting a small gathering of friends or a large public screening, the guide provides tips on how to set the tone, create a safe space for discussion, and encourage participation from all attendees. With engaging questions and prompts, the guide will help you unpack the themes and messages of the film, allowing for a deeper exploration of the issues presented.

Benefits of using the Discussion Guide

By using the “callmekuchu” Discussion Guide, you can ensure that your screening event is not only informative but also impactful. The guide is designed to foster open dialogue, promote empathy and understanding, and inspire action within your community. Through thoughtful reflection and discussion, viewers will have the opportunity to learn, grow, and become advocates for change.


“I recently used the “callmekuchu” Discussion Guide for a screening event at my university, and it was a huge success! The guide provided valuable support and structure for our discussion, and the audience was deeply moved by the film and the important issues it raised. I highly recommend using the guide for anyone looking to host a screening of this powerful documentary.” – Sarah, Event Organizer


In conclusion, the “callmekuchu” Discussion Guide is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to host a screening of this impactful documentary. By using the guide, you can create a meaningful and engaging experience for your audience, sparking important conversations and fostering positive change within your community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference – get the “callmekuchu” Discussion Guide today!

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