Nintendo Wii Vs Sony Play Station 3

Nintendo Wii Vs Sony Play Station 3

When I see my 55 year old Mum and Dad playing Nintendo Wii at home, I know I have to write this article.

There are so many articles that you can find about both Nintendo Wii and PS3 on the internet and other medias, both games have got a huge number of fans along with a number of critics.

I am here to talk about how what I think of both games from my own personal opinion. There are things that selling my nintendo 64 you can compare and there are things that you cannot compare. At the end of the day, you need to find what is more important to yourself.


Nintendo Wii and PS3 have both achieved success in their individual marketing campaigns, PS3 sold 197,000 in the US whereas the Wii sold 3 times more in just a week, the same success was repeated in the UK, 50,000 Wii were sold in 12 hours along with creating the best sales record in Australia. Wii has certainly taken a big percentage share of the market, and became a major competitor to Sony.

The great thing I like about Wii has to be the combination of unique designed motion-sensitive old school looking controllers and the emphasis on fun game play. I know it is 15 times less powerful than PS3 and lacks rich media features of the PS3. The controller eats batteries, can not play CDs or DVDs etc but, do I really care? The answer is no. Why? Because I am having great fun with my friends and family, it is never designed to be a super system, it is designed to be fun and simple to play.

The other important factor is of course the price, imagine if you have a product which is fun and easy to play, however it sells for thousands of dollars, how many people will buy it? PS3 (60GB) sales for $599.00, you can purchase Wii for $334.88 to $429.00, $50+ tax less for each game which also makes Wii look very attractive. The reason Wii can be so affordable is because Nintendo is working hard to lower the costs, it takes $197.00 to be manufactured! Thank you Nintendo, what a win-win solution.

Wii is designed for people from all ages and affordable price are the secrets of their success.


Ever through Wii will have 62 games by the end of year in US and Japan, PS3 will only have around 20. Another great draw-card for Wii.

I will admit that I am a little bit worried about Wii, it doesn’t support artificial intelligence, advanced and deformable physics which are the next wave in the graphics revolution and it is 15 times less power than PS3.

Sony is well known for doing a good job in inviting third party developers while Nintendo has remained mostly in house. Truth is that almost all the best games are made by the third party developers in the modern world.

Any way the choice is yours! If you are looking for easy play, fun and affordable games, go for Wii.
If the backward compatibility is in your top rank, have a search on the PS3.

I am so excited and looking forward to the new games to be launched in the near future.


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